Precision Teaching Plus

A complete, straightforward and rapid online intervention program to boost children's learning.


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Dr Lee Randall has trained school staff in precision teaching techniques since 2014. Using this expertise, he is able to bring you PT+; the most complete and well resourced precision teaching program out there.

Dr Lee Randall (Child and Educational Psychologist)

"10 minutes a day is all that children need to make rapid progress with their learning!"

PT+ has 5 chapters of flexible online training, and dozens of resources to support you to accelerate children's learning rate.

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  • Individual licenses for all staff to access the full PT+ Training and Resources
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  • Individual license
  • Dozens of Resources
  • 5 chapters of comprehensive Staff Training
  • User friendly Assessment and monitoring tools
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PT+ is Comprehensive

Giving school staff and educational practitioners all of the training and resources they need to deliver PT+ interventions throughout their settings. 

PT+ is Practical

PT+ tools, resources and course videos are designed to be easy to understand, simple to implement and quick to set up meaning that not a second of your valuable time is wasted.

PT+ is Impactful

Drawing upon years of psychological theory, research and practical experience, PT+ can make a massive positive impact upon the learning and progress of learners of all ages.


PT+ can be used to teach a wide range of skills.

Areas you can use PT+ interventions to improve your learners skills and knowledge in include:

Confident child jumping for joy

Letter formation & handwriting


Super hero child with lots of optimism about the future



Interconnectedness of different relationships

Whole word reading & spelling

Self-care and giving back to others

Number recognition & subitising

Feeling more in control of situations

Number bonds


Importance of joy and positive emotions

Times Tables


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PT+ Sample Content

A sample of the over 20 PT+ online training videos to show how the programme is delivered:


While the videos below are introductory, the majority of PT+ focuses on developing practical skills to deliver PT+ effectively and maximise the impact on children's learning.

Who is PT+ for?

What does PT+ do? 


Chapter 2.3
The PT+ Teach & Test Phase

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