EBSA Horizons

A comprehensive Educational Psychologist CPD course on Emotional Based School Avoidance by specialist Dr Jerricah Holder, which develops our understanding and skills to support children and young people experiencing difficulties attending school.

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Providing Educational Psychologists with the knowledge, skills and tools to affect positive change at the level of the child, school and home.

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School Training on Mental Health and Wellbeing

EBSA Horizons 


5 modules of online training by specialist Child and Educational Psychologist, Dr Jerricah Holder. Comprehensively covering a detailed understanding of how EBSA emerges and is maintained, models of intervention, and strategies for working at the levels of the child, school and home.

Children's Wellbeing Assessment

EBSA Horizons 


A range of assessment approaches, including creative ways to powerfully elicit the voice of the child, and EBSA Risk and Resilience Profiles at the level of the child, home and school to identify where interventions and strategies can have the greatest positive impact. 

Strategies to improve children's Mental Health

EBSA Horizons 


A detailed look at a range of evidence-based and practice-based strategies, alongside models of strategy development and implementation. Interviews with a Parent and previous EBSA pupil to hear and understand what has helped to make the difference in their lives.

Dr Jerricah Holder (Child & Educational Psychologist)

Your Course Leader

Dr Jerricah Holder (Child & Educational Psychologist) has worked with Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA) for over 10 years, and been passionately involved with the development of guidelines and training used by Educational Psychologists across the UK. 

"A complete game changer for EdPsych CPD"

EBSA Horizons EP CPD



  • One day CPD / training (broken into 5 modules)
  • Access to all EBSA Horizons resources
  • Full use of the EBSA Horizons Risk and Resilience Profiles
  • Direct links to continue and extend CPD
  • One year's access to build knowledge and skills, and use as a reference guide over time
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Teresa, EP

"An in-depth EBSA course covering definition, assessment and intervention that is both evidence-based and practical."

Joanne, EP

'Good theoretical background to EBSA, with lots of ideas for assessment and intervention....a thorough and comprehensive course.'

Rachel, TEP

'Immersive, insightful, informative, interesting, innovative! A very detailed and engaging piece of CPD'.

EBSA Horizons FAQs

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