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At EdPsychEd, we believe that training and CPD are only the start of the journey. No matter how practical, applicable, high quality or well run a training program is, we need support around us as we implement what we have learned to help us get the most from it.

As such, we are determined to create an environment with EdPsychEd and our social media platforms in which a collaborative, inclusive and supportive community can form. In this way, we know that we can all help each other to learn and grow together in the pursuit of our goal of achieving the best outcomes for the children we work with.

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Join a community of Educational Psychologists with the same interests...

Collaborating with Educational Psychologists and Child Psychologists, the EdPsychEd Community has been formedĀ to provide specialist Interest Groups for EPs.

These specialist Interest Groups are hosted in Circle, a community platform designed for gathering private groups of people away from social media, toĀ engage in discussions around particular topics whilst sharing knowledge, skills and resources.Ā Find out moreĀ about the Interest Groups available to join below:

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Join us as a Course Leader

We love collaborating and working with others within Educational Psychology and wider educational communities. Collaboration is a fundamental aspect of our ethos and we know that there are so many incredible educational practitioners out there with so much valuable knowledge and experience to share.

As such, we want to provide a platform for our colleagues to share their knowledge with us and our community. So if you have some valuable knowledge and experience to share and you want to find out more about how you could contribute to our library of training courses here at EdPsychEd, submit the form below.

Please provide a brief synopsis of the course you're thinking about, including any outline structure. Thank you!