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"A wonderfully engaging and highly practical programme -

a must for all primary school teachers!"

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Dr Richard Skelton (Child and Educational Psychologist)

Your Course Leaders

Dr Richard Skelton and Dr Lee Randall (Child & Educational Psychologists) have over 20 years combined experience working closely with children, schools and families to promote mental health and wellbeing.

Dr Lee Randall (Child and Educational Psychologist)

RISE Gives Staff All The Training and Resources You Need To Identify and Build Up Children's Resilience and Wellbeing


includes 12 modules of training, dozens of resources, and an assessment to profile strengths and needs and target support where it's needed most.


RISE is supporting children across 100s of Schools in the UK and Internationally.

We hope you can join us, and use RISE to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all children in your school.

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Two Form Entry



  • 30 staff licenses
  • 35+ strategies & resources
  • Over 6 hours of CPD / training (broken into 12 modules)
  • Whole school wellbeing and resilience assessment
  • One year's whole school access 
  • Flexible whole school training
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One Form Entry



  • 15 staff licenses
  • 35+ strategies & resources
  • Over 6 hours of CPD / training (broken into 12 modules)
  • Whole school wellbeing and resilience assessment
  • One year's whole school access 
  • Flexible whole school training
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Individual License



  • Individual license
  • 35+ strategies & resources
  • Over 6 hours of CPD / training (broken into 12 modules)
  • Whole school wellbeing and resilience assessment
  • One year's access
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Senior Mental Health Lead Training

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Children's Wellbeing Assessment



A comprehensive assessment covering 8 areas of wellbeing and resilience. Used with individuals, groups and whole-classes to identify areas of strength and need. The automated scoring system provides quick and informative profiles at each level. 

Strategies to improve children's Mental Health



Over 35 of the most impactful psychological / therapeutic strategies, each with a range of accompanying resources. Each has been adapted to be practical and enjoyable for use at the whole class or small group level. 

School Training on Mental Health and Wellbeing



12 modules of online training by Child and Educational Psychologists. Comprehensively covering 8 areas of wellbeing and resilience in an engaging format which is flexible and accessible to all staff. Includes theory, strategy use, and insightful discussions. 

Hear from RISE Practitioners... 

RISE School Feedback

Tracey Ives-Lutynski,

Lead SEMH Learning Mentor (North Tyneside)

"Depending on your depth of experience, RISE can cover basic knowledge, right up to fantastic explanations."

RISE TA Review

Claire Overal,

Year 2 teacher (Kent)

"RISE really helps you identify the needs of children and how to assist them in school."

RISE TA Review

Tracey McCrossan,

ELSA /Parent Liason (West Berks)

"RISE is a useful, powerful resource that breaks down the areas of resilience into manageable sections."

RISE TA Review

Alan Dorrity,

Yr 5 teacher (Liverpool)

"The course is eye-opening in terms of working and thinking as an Educational Psychologist rather than as a teacher. RISE provides training in an area in which CPD is lacking."

RISE Teacher Review

Kelly Heap,

Teaching Assistant KS2 (Wiltshire)

"This has to be one of the best courses I have undertaken. The way it has been delivered has been easy to follow with fantastic accompanying documents. I really appreciate all the time and effort taken to create this course, thank you!"

RISE TA Review

Julie Mayers,

Reception Teacher and Assistant SENCo (Tameside)

"This is a programme that helps children see that they are important, that they matter, that they can make a difference. RISE is a programme that children need!"


RISE includes modules of training and strategies on each of the following key areas of  resilience and wellbeing:

Confident child jumping for joy


To try new things and not be afraid to make mistakes.

Super hero child with lots of optimism about the future


To keep going when times are hard, and know that they can affect positive change in their lives.

Interconnectedness of different relationships


To have close connections and feel secure that a trusted adult or friend is always going to be there for them.

Skills to better manage difficult emotions and avoid negative behaviours

Coping Skills

To have the skills to recognise and manage any BIG or difficult emotions as they arise.

Self-care and giving back to others


To feel motivated and empowered to help and support others, and feel 'good about doing good'.

Feeling more in control of situations

Sense of Control

To feel more in control of their lives, and let go of the immense frustration that comes from trying to control the uncontrollable.

Importance of joy and positive emotions


To experience moments of joy each day which builds positive and enthusiastic thinking.

Self-confidence to face challenges head on


To develop, recognise and feel secure with their strengths, which they can fall back on and still feel confident about during hard times.

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Senior Mental Health Lead Training

RISE Sample Training 

A sample of the 60+ training videos to show how the RISE Training is delivered:


While the trainings below are introductory, the majority of RISE focuses on developing knowledge and skills to use the 35+ practical strategies (with accompanying resources) to build resilience and wellbeing within the classroom, small group and individual level.

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Chapter 4.2
Overview of Growth Mindset

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Questions about RISE?

We are keen to support you and your school in the adoption of RISE. 

Contact us to speak with Lee or Richard about how RISE can support your school.