Positive Psychology in Schools

Early Intervention and Prevention for CYP


Positive psychology is the study of what makes life worthwhile. It focuses on supporting people to thrive and it considers strengths and life satisfaction. Positive psychology has relevance for everyone, it is a universal approach. It also offers an alternative yet complementary approach to supporting children and young people with mental health concerns.

Positive psychology has been shown to reduce anxiety, increase resilience and promote self-growth, well-being and quality of life (Pociho et al., 2022).

We hope you find the following resources and accompanying videos from RISE useful in your practice with CYP.


Acts of Kindness

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Acts of Kindness PDF


Future Optimism



Setting Goals

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Short and Long Term Goal Bunting PDF

Additional goal setting PDFs to download:

The Power of Yet PDF
Scale the Ladder PDF


Growth Mindset (Effort Focus)

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Effort Zones PDF

Reflective Questions

  What elements of positive psychology can you see already within your practice or fitting in your practice when working with children and young people?

  How do you envision positive psychology being applied in various parts of our practice, such as individual casework, consultation, EHCNA's, report writing, or training?

  How do you feel positive psychology is being or can be utilised within your service?

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Access and download the RISE Assessment

The RISE Assessment is a practical, comprehensive and useful tool to understand children’s underlying resilience strengths and areas of need. Use with individual children or at a whole-class level to understand and address children's mental health and wellbeing. 

A Free Whole-Class Assessment of Children's Wellbeing & Resilience

RISE: Resilience in Schools and Education - Online CPD

We’re delighted how many schools and setting have joined the RISE: Resilience in Schools and Education CPD course. Hearing how the knowledge, skills and resources from this has improved outcomes for CYP has been remarkable to hear.

The RISE course provides a practical, comprehensive and flexible framework that empowers school staff and teachers to build children's resilience.

Find out more and access the huge range of practical resources within RISE here:

RISE: Resilience in Schools and Education CPD