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Parent Views | EBSNA (Emotionally Based School Non-Attendance) ebsa emotional based school avoidance ep ep research parent Jun 20, 2023

‘Emotionally-based school non-attendance’ (EBSNA) is increasingly understood as a multi-faceted difficulty, with a range of school, home and individual factors contributing to a child’s or young person’s anxiety around attending school.

The literature on this topic...

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How to Apply for an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) ehcp parent parent/carer school support senco Jan 26, 2023

By Dr Lee Randall, Educational Psychologist and parent of an SEND child.

This is the first in a series of upcoming blogs on EHCPs and the processes surrounding them.


Why are we seeing more EHCP applications?

For anybody working in education, it is clear that the education system is facing...

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